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Flat Rate Tattoo Designs

JohnGabriel Tattoo_edited.jpg

Once these designs are tattooed they are gone and won't be tattooed again.

Custom designs that I hope resonate with you. 

Flat rate designs are priced at special rates, I do have some size ideas for each piece but I am always open for size adjustments.  Please see the directions below for all booking and pricing info.

Please click on the design for availability.     

Pricing & Availabilty | Flat Rate

Each design can be purchased and booked by selecting all options in the drop down menus. Please email if you have any questions. 

Flat Rate Specials

***Pricing is only available for limited time.  

Get them before they are gone!

***Designs can be placed anywhere you'd like, all mock up photos are for size reference. Please email with any questions on placement. 

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